Your Safety, Our Priority.

At Llanes, your safety is our paramount concern. We go above and beyond to ensure a secure and trustworthy carpooling experience. Here are our advanced safety features that set us apart.

1. Driver Documentation Verification

Before a driver can offer rides on the Llanes platform, they must pass a meticulous verification process, which includes -

- Driver's Licence Check : We confirm the validity of their driver's licence to ensure they meet all legal requirements.

- Vehicle Information Prior : We collect and provide accurate vehicle information prior to the rides via email

2. Passenger and Driver Identity Confirmation

We employ a unique and innovative safety feature – the "Unique Ride Code" – to confirm the identity of both the passenger and the driver -

- Unique Ride Code : When a ride is booked, a unique code is generated and sent to both the passenger and the driver. Before the ride begins, both parties must confirm the match of this code, ensuring that they are connecting with the right person.

3. Feedback for Drivers

Transparency and accountability are vital components of our safety measures -

- Driver Ratings : Passengers have the ability to rate their drivers after each ride, promoting professionalism and excellent service.

- Comments and Feedback : Passengers can provide comments about their ride experience, enabling drivers to understand areas for improvement and maintain a high level of service quality.

4. Transparency

We believe that transparency builds trust -

- Driver Profiles : Passengers can review driver profiles, complete with photos, names, and ratings, before booking a ride.

- Price Transparency : We provide clear and upfront pricing information, ensuring passengers know what to expect before confirming their rides.

- Support : Our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to address any concerns or issues, ensuring swift resolutions.

We are ready to take you to your destination.

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